Avail our Technical expertise

    • We are a group of highly talented engineers headed by U C Patnaik, M. Tech, NIT with over 45 years of industry experience to render technical assistance and full-fledged lab support.

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Free online assistance

    •  On any student-level project work from schools to colleges


Off-line assistance

    • At our center where expert guidance is available in person 24/7.

    • Bring your Ideas with Components with you or tell us your idea

    • we can help you to build your projects. We can help in Hardware  as well as Software  problem solving.



    • Well-laid working tables most spaciously placed

Lab support


    • Dedicated laptops with relevant software, all kinds of required instruments like oscilloscopes & meters, Variable DC & AC power supply, tools & tackles of more than 20 types, bench grinder, and bench drill, hand drill, handheld grinder cum cutter, soldering gun and many more.

Areas of expertise-

    • Robotics hardware mechanical, electronics hardware, and related embedded programming thereon.

    • RF products

    •  IOT, AI-related projects

    • Power Electronics

    • PCB design and fabrication

    • Renewable energy system

    • To be introduced 3D printing soon

For details please visit https://technoaids.com

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