0.2 watt FM transmitter


It is a fully assembled tested one with superb stereo phonic sound transmission. It has digital LCD display for changing any frequency within the band.Aux input and usb input both are available besides in-built microphone.

  • Multi-channel audio input automatically switches from line in to built-in mic if line-in is not used
  • Can be driven directly from computer USB power while it can also get the audio from the USB port without using any aux input.
  • Thus it is truly a plug and play device requiring no soldering. It can be put to work even by a child in seconds.
  •  Digital data transmission is also possible that can be used by experienced electronics engineers
  • Transmission Distance With 75cm stick antenna (extra), it covers perfectly 100 meters radius in open air.
  •  With Yagi antenna it can be tried for about 400 meters( Antenna not Supplied )
  • Yagi antenna can be easily fabricated at home in about Rs 300/-INR or about $5

Product parameter
Output power 200 mW with digital display

Audio Frequency Response 50Hz-18KHz

Transmission frequency 87.0MHz-108.0MHz (Digital select)

Modulation modes standard FM radio

Channel LINE / USB channel (stereo), Built in MIC channel (mono)

Equivalent Noise >30dB (sound close to CD quality)

Supply voltage DC 3.0V-5.0V (can be directly fed from laptop / pc)

Working Current 35mA

Transmitting antenna 75cm telescopic antenna or a straight wire

Module Size 26.5 x 49mm

LCD back light with, no key operation automatically turns off in 20 seconds, LCD visibility is much better than seen in photo.



FM wireless audio, USB PC audio broadcasting, wireless microphones, maternal and child care.

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