Phase angle control using Arduino useful 1

Submitted below ac load management by Phase angle control using Arduino by delayed triggering to opto-coupler(U3)  interfaced triac (U4) for single phase load control using Arduino nano. Proteus file and the code for simulation are available at the bottom. For video watch at down below or use this link Circuit Explanation for Phase angle …

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Alexa voice controlled lamp (June 2018)

IOT switch for home automation DIY Using ESP8266 and Wifi /IOT /Amazon Alexa voice control of loads. A circuit with triac BT139, opto isolator MOC3021, other accessories and program code for switching ON/OFF ac loads from 110v 60HZ to 220v 50HZ. 

Optocouplers for AC & DC

Optocouplers are used mostly in power  electronics circuits to isolate the fatal mains utility voltage to that of the low dc voltage that the control circuit works. Therefore some call it optoisolators. They find use in control circuits feeding Thyristors,MOSFETs,IGBTs. Submitted below an audio visual for better understanding.

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