Induction Cooking vs Gas cooking cost

Induction cooking is a method of heating an iron plate based utensil using magnetic induction. It heats the iron plate of the induction cooktop directly unlike a gas heating by flame for gas cooker. A lot of energy gets wasted in gas means of heating. Given a comparison between the Induction cooking vs Gas cooking of the two in terms of money spent it is seen that for the same item cooked by the induction way will cost 50% less money than non-subsidized gas means.

Induction cooker price

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Advantages of Induction cooker

As inductive heating directly heats the utensil, very quick rise in temperature is achieved, unlike the gas burner type that takes a lot of time in getting cooking ware heated to level to start effectively to do the cooking. Besides the same, it has a lot of other advantages. Easier to clean the utensil as compared to gas. Fast switch on and off. It can never result in catching a fire to any nearby flammable item. Accidentally leaving the gas burner on while the flame is extinguished for some reason is highly dangerous if it goes unnoticed. Such a situation is life-threatening by catastrophic fire and even bursting of the gas cylinder. Therefore it is always advisable to use the induction heater in place of LPG gas cooker.

The disadvantage of Induction cooking

As the bottom of the cooking pot has to be iron or stainless steel with an iron bottom it is heavier compared to the non-iron-based pots. One cannot use any copper, aluminum, glass-based utensil as it will not work at all. A small amount of noise is generated while switched on and that is because of an internal cooling fan. A hum/buzz is also produced by utensil which comes under high magnetic fields, especially operating at high heat. Some types may detect a whistling sound from the cookware or from the electric supply. All these sounds are very normal and one need not worry about it. Persons with pacemakers or other electronic body implants are advised to avoid getting very near to such sources of magnetic field based cooking system. Radio receivers very near the induction-cooking system pick up some noise in the radio too. There are a lot of electronics inside the induction cooker those are subject to easy damage while facing large fluctuations in our home power supply system.

Induction Technology

An induction heater has a copper coil which is placed under the cooking glass top. A very high-frequency current (24000 Hz as compared to our house frequency of 50 or 60 Hz) is passed through it that results in inducing a large magnetic flux that produces a large amount of eddy current on the iron plate of the utensil. These current results in getting the iron bottom utensil immediately and very fast.

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