Programless Robotics using stepper motor driver


A very low-cost stepper motor driver that has 4 modes of operation. Can be used for excellent robotics application without using any program.

1.Working Mode: Normal Mode 1: S1 start stop button, S2 forward and reverse button, W2 potentiometer speed control. If limit reversal is required, two limit switches can be connected to the P3 pin, and the motor motion shaft is mounted with contacts, so that the motor will reciprocate within the stroke between the two limit switches.
2. Normal Mode 2: S1 forwards the start button, S2 reverses the start button, press any button to stop. W2 potentiometer speed regulation. If the limit stop is required, two limit switches can be connected to the P3 pin, so that the motor will stop moving when it touches the limit switch, and the motor will reverse after the opposite button is clicked.
3. Jog Mode: S1 presses the forward rotation, releases the stop, S2 presses the reverse rotation, releases the stop, and the W2 potentiometer adjusts the speed. If a limit stop is required, the upper limit switch can be connected to P3.
4. Automatic Round-trip Mode: S1 starts and stops, S2 is reversed, W2 potentiometer speeds, and W1 potentiometer adjusts the automatic round-trip steps. After starting, the motor automatically runs back and forth within the number of steps adjusted by W1.

Every time the mode is changed remove power and select the mode and then repower.

Voltage Range: DC 5V-12V
Rated Current: Less than or equal to 800mA
Power Reverse Connection Protection: yes
Over-current Protection: yes
Overheat Protection: yes
Fine workmanship and good performance.
Easy to use.
Long service life.
Color: green
Material: metal + PC
Package Contents: 1* Motor Driver Board
1* DuPont line

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