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Features & Specifications:

This unit includes all the components and circuit boards fully tested and assembled inside a box. Other items include a 12 volt, 2/3A SMPS power supply with DC pin,(8GB SD card with songs card only in 7-watt version), BNC connector, antenna key items & audio cable.

The  7W or 15 W FM transmitter has a control panel with a dot matrix LCD display screen and  3 key buttons to change frequency, volume and range by changing the output transmitting power.
Control panel: 58 x 36 mm (as shown in the picture)

The range/distance: 7 watts with Yagi antenna good directional coverage and 15 watts with Yagi antenna nearly double of 7 watts.A bit lesser on GP antenna (when the premise is in open field emission) or higher, only with a homemade Yagi antenna as per sample Yagi antenna design given in the picture to fabricate at home. Other designs for getting still more are supplied on purchase. Please note  GP antenna is optional at extra cost.
Transmitter  key features:
1, Digital technology, make the frequency more stable, the frequency does not change with the environment and produce frequency drift.
No need for any adjustment inside.
2, But the frequency can be adjusted digitally by buttons within the specified scope.
3, The 7 watt has a micro sd socket to use any 8GB card  (Card supplied at no extra cost) holding 100’s of old MP3 Bollywood cinema songs and one can add more 6000 songs from any computer through the SD card adapter supplied.No need to use any external audio feed into the aux socket.—This the feature is not provided in a 15-watt version

4, Also with microphone input interface, and through the digital potentiometer, it is easy to control the volume of the microphone (supplied at extra optional).
5, Audio input ay aux also by a digital potentiometer to adjust the volume.
6, Transmitting Power can be changed between 0.5 W and 7 / 15 W maximum having continuous adjustments features to adjust the range from 100 meters on wards.
7, The power output network for harmonic suppression is very good, so as to make the output spectrum cleaner.
8, Set the frequency and power once and the next time boot does not need to do the set up again!

Main parameters:
1, The input voltage: dc 12 v
2, Maximum input current 1.5 /2.5 A at 12 v DC
3, The audio signal: the maximum input Vpp is less than 1 v.
4, Microphone types accepted: Any
dynamic microphone or condenser microphone.
5, The output power: 0.5 W – 7 / 15 W continuously adjustable!
6, The output impedance: 50 Ω for antenna
7, Working frequency range: 76 m – 108 MHZ
8, Frequency step of 0.1 MHz for adjusting
9, The distortion degree: 0.03% ~ 0.1%


How far (long) the transmitter will cover?

The transmission range depends on many factors. The true distance is based on the antenna installing height, antenna gain, using an environment facing buildings and other obstructions, the sensitivity of the receiver and antenna of the receiver. Installing the antenna at a higher height and using in away from cities, the distance will much longer.

EXAMPLE:- 7 /15 W FM Transmitter used in the city and village with GP  vs Yagi antenna:

I have many customers in India who use our this 7 /15W FM stereo transmitter with a home built GP antenna and they have tested it with a car FM radio (not cell phone FM radio) and, it covers a good range in a city area with clear sound and no hissing noise.  The distance can be high while using a homemade directional Yagi antenna.

Most Important
Antenna either Yagi or GP (ground plane) must be used in this transmitter with 50 ohms coaxial cable RG58( Or the type used by cable tv operators). The cable is to be procured at your end. GP antenna is available at extra cost

Package includes :

(1 )7 / 15 W FM stereo FM transmitter in a white acrylic box with LCD Screen on top having 3 button switches for adjustment.
(2) One 12 volts 2/3 A, SMPS DC supply adapter for 100 to 240 volt 50/60 Hz ac input, with DC output pin. (Adapter may not be same as shown in picture)
(3) One aux cord
(4) One/two BNC connector for antenna cable connection
(5) One 8GB Sd card with many songs ( in 7 watts only)
(6) One SD card adaptor for loading more songs ( in 7 watts only)              from any laptop.
(7) (Optional ) complete GP antenna -with base, one vertical standing, and 4 hanging rod antennas. Or a folded dipole antenna
(8) (Optional )  RG58 copper single core Coaxial cable coil

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