How to make a GP Antenna

Make your own GP antenna with generally available items from the market. 

Base Plate
4″ copper/aluminium lid from any utensil selling shop
Electric Standoff Insulator T Shape from any industrial electrical shop
BNC Female Chassis Mount Connector from any MX electronics shop
It is sold with a cap as seen in this yellow cover
BNC male connector 2 nos from MX electronics shop
2″ long Brass bolt (only Brass) ,nut, bolt & washer from hardware shop
12′ long standard ,1cm aluminium tube cut to 4 pcs as per design
1″ and 1/2″ Nut bolt MS/chromium plated of appropriate size from hardware shop
T angle from any furniture shop
Another view
The antenna standing rod and 3 hanging rod length at 107.6 MHz

The calculation:

Make preparations

Drill holes as per the size of items to be used.One big hole for the BNC femele,2 side holes for the insulator,2 hloes for the T angle,3 holes at 120 degrees on sides

Start Fixing

BNC female fixing and T angle fixing

Unscrew and remove this washer from the BNC female connector
Bend the washer and slip it to the 2″ brass bolt
Insert the brass bolt with washer in the T insulator
Tighten the brass bolt with washer
Solder the washer tag point to the BNC female top
After fixing the T insulator.The 3 sides with cable logs need not be there
The bottom view.
Remove the protective cap from the BNC and keep it safe as this will be used as rain cap.
each end of three hanging tubes are flattened,made little bend and a hole is drilled
Warp some bare copper wire such that the standing tube can tightly get fixed on to the 2″brass bolt and cut the insulated wire
The standing rod very tightly fixed on to the 2″brass bolt looking like this .
Each of the 3 hanging rods are bolted like this ,(only one shown)
Use a 1/2″ GI pipe for mounting the antenna
An angular view
The final view
BNC male connector connection to the co-axial cable (cover away)
Must use the removed cap from the BNC female as rain cap for the standing rod

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