Get a Split Inverter AC for free

Recover the cost of a new split  Inverter AC by discarding your old Window AC. Read below how to achieve it.

Split Inverter AC consumes much less power compared to the old generation on/off compressor type. The Inverter technology is the latest state of the art technology that governs the operation of all the electrical motors including the compressors in an AC. The Inverter AC units have a variable-frequency drive (VFD)  that controls the speed of the motors by changing the frequency. Our utility frequency of 50 or 60 Hz can not be changed as they are fixed at the generating station. Therefore incoming utility AC supply is converted to DC and then to AC again through an inverter producing voltage of desired frequency. This Inverter power is used to control the speed of the compressor motor and the blower motor, continuously to maintain the temperature through intelligent and smart sensing arrangements monitored by engaging dedicated microcontrollers ( a micro computer-like). This is in contrast to the window type that maintains the temperature by switching on and off the compressor periodically which is an age-old inefficient conventional method. Moreover, Inverter type being split ones, the noise-making compressor unit is kept outside leaving the indoor unit with blower motor only to make the whole system very quiet indoors. Its maintenance and operating cost are therefore much less than the window type. Inverter type is though expensive compared to window type its cost can be fully recovered within a year if one replaces the old window type as seen below.

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