Voltage Stabilizer Basics (for home in hindi also )


Stabilizer vs Voltage Regulator  (हिन्दी  के लिए निचे देखे )

A stabilizer is usually referred to commonly as Voltage stabilizer for home, Voltage Stabilizer for AC etc connected to our mains utility supply for stabilizing the output voltage from it, in a mains input supply fluctuating situation. Many in India and other countries having voltage fluctuations use voltage stabilizer for refrigerator, air conditioner ACs, other equipment. Otherwise, ac repair becomes a costly affair, in particular, the inverter ac which uses a lot of electronics as compared to old generation window ac or old split ac that hardly used any electronics.  Other kitchen appliances like Micro oven, home appliances, like dishwasher, washing machine, music systems, televisions etc generally do not need a voltage stabilizer as they are these days come with built-in voltage protection.

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But in case you too often lose electrical gadgets in your home it could be because of high voltage in your house. Better get it checked by a meter at night time say after 11 PM and if you notice it is beyond 250 it is strongly recommended that you use a voltage stabilizer for the whole house or small ones for an individual item. If you can afford a costly one use a servo voltage stabilizer which is about 5 times the relay type the cost. Quality of stabilizer is very important as poor quality would prove costly in damaging the equipment underuse rather than protecting it.

Low voltage problem

Many talk about good earthing but it has nothing to do with the voltage. It is only for the safety of avoiding electrical shock.  The main purpose for using voltage stabilizers is to protect devices like AC and fridge in particular against very low voltage fluctuations, as the compressor in it otherwise gets damaged. A very high voltage which rarely happens is also to be protected. If the input voltage to it falls from the desired voltage it increases it at the output. In the event of higher input voltage similarly, it reduces the output voltage to a safe level such that the equipment under use from the output gets protected from damage. हिंदी के लिए बिलकुल निचे टॉक जाये

Automatic Voltage Regulator

Some call it Automatic Voltage Regulator also which in real term does not stabilize the output voltage but it tries to maintain within a certain range say between 200 to 240 volt irrespective of input varying from 180 to 250 or, better ones could be handling even from 130 to 260, still maintained in the range of 200 to 240 which most of the  domestic equipment can withstand . They follow a graph as seen below

[wpvideo ci02vivl]

Voltage Range

Because all our electrical appliances are designed to operate under a specified operating voltage range say from 200 to 240 to give a trouble-free performance the so-called stabilizers are not truly stabilizing the output voltage but try to maintain within this range. For example, if the input is 150 the output is 200, by simple mathematics, while it is 160 it would be 213. Then while it is 170 it becomes 226. While it is 180 it is 240. Here comes the catch. As the output should not cross 240 the stabilizer tries to drop the voltage at input 181 volts to 200 again and the math follows. Like that a sawtooth nature of voltage is made available from the output of the stabilizer. It is never constant as many misunderstand it

If this voltage is below or above this, the appliance under use would malfunction or might get damaged.

In home applications, generally, relay-based automatic voltage regulators are employed to maintain the voltage within this range. Let us try to understand more about these voltage stabilizers in detail.

There is another costly type which is called Servo Voltage Regulator. In this case, the output voltage remains truly stabilized ie say at 230 volts always as long as its input is said from 180v to 250V. So they are 4 to 5 times more expensive as compared to simple automatic voltage stabilizer. More expensive Solid State Voltage Regulators are also available in the market.

Finally, do I need a voltage stabilizer? Fill in your queries with all possible information as narrated above.

Voltage Regulator

On the other hand Voltage Regulator, is generally referred to DC voltage regulator where some electronic component like series voltage regulator like that  operates a  7805 voltage regulator circuit. This is completely different from the above Automatic Voltage Regulator.

स्टेबलाइज़र बनाम वोल्टेज रेगुलेटर

स्टेबलाइज़र आमतौर पर घर के लिए वोल्टेज स्टेबलाइज़र के रूप में जाना जाता है, एसी आदि के लिए वोल्टेज स्टेबलाइज़र, मुख्य इनपुट आपूर्ति में उतार-चढ़ाव की स्थिति में, आउटपुट वोल्टेज को स्थिर करने के लिए हमारे मुख्य उपयोगिता आपूर्ति से जुड़ा होता है। यदि इनपुट वोल्टेज वांछित वोल्टेज से निचे आता है तो यह आउटपुट में बढ़ जाता है। उच्च इनपुट वोल्टेज की स्थिति में, यह आउटपुट वोल्टेज को सुरक्षित स्तर तक कम कर देता है जैसे हमारे  उपयोग किए जाने वाले उपकरण क्षति से सुरक्षित हो जाते हैं। कुछ इसे स्वचालित वोल्टेज रेगुलेटर कहते हैं जो वास्तविक अवधि में आउटपुट वोल्टेज को स्थिर नहीं करता है लेकिन यह कोशिश करता है 180 से 250 वोल्टेज  तक  इनपुट के बावजूद आउटपुट 200 से 240 वोल्ट के बीच एक निश्चित सीमा के भीतर बनाए  रतखता है।  बेहतर चीज़ 130 से 260 तक संभाला जा सकता है, फिर भी 200 से 240 की सीमा में बनाए रखा जा सकता है, जो घरेलू उपकरणों का सामना कर सकते हैं । वे ऊपर दिए गए ग्राफ का पालन करते हैं.

एक और महंगा प्रकार है जिसे सर्वो वोल्टेज रेगुलेटर कहा जाता है। इस मामले में आउटपुट वोल्टेज वास्तव में स्थिर हो जाता है यानी 230 वोल्ट हमेशा तक रहे जब तक कि इसका इनपुट 180v से 250V तक रहेता है। तो वे सरल स्वचालित वोल्टेज स्टेबलाइज़र की तुलना में 4 से 5 गुना अधिक महंगा हैं। बाजार में और अधिक महंगा इलेक्ट्रॉनिक स्टेबलाइजर भी उपलब्ध हैं।

वोल्टेज रेगुलेटर

दूसरी ओर वोल्टेज रेगुलेटर, आमतौर पर डीसी वोल्टेज कण्ट्रोल को संदर्भित किया जाता है जहां कुछ इलेक्ट्रॉनिक घटक जैसे श्रृंखला वोल्टेज IC 7805 वोल्टेज नियामक सर्किट संचालित करता है। यह उपरोक्त स्वचालित वोल्टेज स्टेबलाइजर से पूरी तरह से अलग है।V

Video on working of simple stabilizer (for technocrats) http://bit.ly/2KcZH02

Watch basic concepts of stabilizer (for technocrats)   http://bit.ly/2M3xHNQ

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