How to watch 2 TVs with remote by one set-top box

Use 2 TVs with single set top box . If the set top box has one HDMI and one set of AV available but no loop in loop out RF, then one can use the HDMI for the main TV while another TV at along distance of 30 to 50 meters can be connected from the AV output of the set top box.In case only one set AV is available but no HDMI then splitters can be used. Remote operation by an IR extender is also achieved while watching either or both TVs the same channel.No need to subscribe another set top box. Only restriction is that at a time both the TV or any one TV will be able view the same channel and not 2 different channels.

Materials required

  1. Cat 5 cable of desired length. 15 meters at Rs12/meter=Rs180
  2. RCA connector 3 colors x 2 sets= 6 nos. Less than $1=Rs 75
  3. Infrared IR Remote Extender.  Less than $3= Rs 225

(Alternatively one AV cord having both ends RCA connectors 3 each, if you want to avoid any soldering work using 6 RCA pins)

Total Expenditure =Rs (INR) 480/-= Maximum $ 7

RCA pin ended cable
Cat 5 cable 4 pair type
IR Remote Extender

Buying Link of Ir extender

  • Making the unit
  • Cut the long end of the IR led ( 2 wire) only, about 1 meter from the IR LED end
  • Solder the RCA connectors 3 each at both ends to 3 pair of wires out of 4 pairs of the cat 5 cable. Make sure same color RCA is used for same pair of wires at both ends.( If one uses the ready made AV cord  to avoid any soldering work then cut that cord at the center and just use them by hand twisting the copper wires at both ens of the cat 5 for 3 pairs. Finish them with insulation tape covered to avoid any shot circuit)
Cutting the IR led wire
At the set top side
At the 2nd TV side
  • Solder or hand twist the one end of the IR led to the 4th pair of the cat 5 one end and the other end of the IR led to the other end of the 4th cat 5. Care must be taken to maintain the polarity
  • Connect one end of the cat 5 , 3 RCA pin set to the set top box AV
  • Feed power to USB of the IR extender from any available source available at 2nd TV set. Even from a mobile charger it is fine.
  • Place the same end that has the IR led in front of the  set top box at the main TV area
  • Connect the other end the cat 5 to 2nd TV to AV by matching  colors of RCA pin
  • Fix  the IR receiver in front of the 2nd TV   with double sided adhesive tape provided
  • That completes the arrangement.


  • Use the same single remote or ket another remote from the market
  • Now you can achieve all functions of the remote at either of the TVs
  • However one can watch both or any one  TV with same channel only
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